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 Divine White Light ~ Cloaking

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PostSubject: Divine White Light ~ Cloaking    Divine White Light ~ Cloaking  Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2019 7:03 pm

Divine Light of Wisdom is the white light. The white light is actually a divine light of protection in many forms. Protection is key to us succeeding on the pathway ~ by protecting our energy furthermore we can develop and deflect any being that isn't working in our best or purer interest.  The white light is also the equivalent as direct source light protection. Like working with mirrors, it can help and assist in protecting your own energy from all surroundings and guiding energy that would do harm to you.
Cloaking your energy with white light is probably the best way forwards so as not to let in the lower energy in with the good. 

White Light initially can also cloak your energy from head to foot, surrounding you in the name of higher and pure positive white vibrations of protection and source of healing light. 

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Divine White Light ~ Cloaking
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