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 Boundaries & Parameters

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PostSubject: Boundaries & Parameters   Boundaries & Parameters Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2019 7:24 pm

Setting your boundaries & Parameters To Let Your Soul Family Enter Into Your Life in Love.
So many of us today struggle with this and for some it has been a real eye opener and lesson in learning about loving ourselves in order to help others. 8 years ago, I am not the same person you see me as I am now. Thankfully, I have changed and for the better in the sense that I have indeed found my own inner strength and aim to keep it that way.
I ask the question How many of you have come to the point in your life where actually you might feel as though you are in a not so great place and are having to re-assess your surroundings, the environment and the people within it?
How many of you have felt distrust in your life now and part of you still feel like you are trapped in the mindset of that mental ruthless circle of thoughts that never seem to be going away?
If you have answered YES To all of these questions, chances are you might want to re-take stock in setting up your boundaries again with others and your personal parameters as quoted in the words of AA Michael, on sitting in a circle once upon a time.

So, setting your boundaries and parameters for your soul members of your family is actually rather simple. You decide who you wish to enter your life. You decide who you like and who you might not necessarily gel with or know, but feel on wave with anyway that you see as friends. You know who you steer clear from. Setting your parameters and boundaries is all about being in control but not over-control and learning along the way on who to trust and who not to.

Parameters can be set via positive intention and personal request if someone knowingly or unknowingly comes in too close and leaves you feeling distressed or hurt, you can set your boundaries or parameters by simply keeping your distance & You can set them by asking for spirit/angels/who you believe in to ONLY let your soul family members , people you trust into your life, and all the others that are not meant to be in your life at this point in time to move their vibration further away from yours and out of your life so their emotional energy does not impact your life further at this stage in your paths.
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Boundaries & Parameters
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