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 Shielding Visualization

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Types Of Shielding

Shielding with energy is all about visualizing the type of shield you would like around yourself. Most will use a bubble of energy such as white light. Some people imagine a mirrored surface around their body, or even a mirror in front of their body to reflect negative energy. A mirror tends to reflect All energy so intend for only negative energy to be deflected. Some people say they create a shield that molds the body. It is probably easier to image a bubble encircling the body and a few feet our from the body, so that your aura is also enclosed in this protective bubble.

Shielding Technique: Visualize & Intend

  1. All you need to do is sit or lie down in a relaxed manner, or meditate if you prefer.
  2. It helps to invoke your angels or guides to provide protection during the day and night; they happily comply.
  3. Begin to imagine the shield the way you would like it, or what is easier for you to visualize. A simple shield of white light is sufficient. See it growing around you; it may be translucent at first and grow brighter and more powerful.
  4. Keep imagining this for a minute or two (until you become very fast at building this shield, then only for a few seconds). As you imagine it, intend for it to give protection.
  5. Now just acknowledge that it is built and imagine it sealed. This is all that is needed.

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Shielding Visualization
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